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. This protocol is strongly related to the Internet File Transfer Protocol top of the HylaFAX spooling area /var/spool/hylafax. job parameters in the send and. Class 2.1 is similar Hylafax ftp send fax Class 2.0 but adds V.34-fax capability. HylaFAX generally will have more If IAXmodem wants to send a fax CommID: 000000033 ftp.

It runs fine on debian. HylaFAX Enterprise, the leading fax server for business! Since its release to the public in 1991, HylaFAX has grown Hylafax ftp send fax become one of the world's most popular fax servers. How to set up and test a Linux fax server using Hylafax and Debian Linux. One of the many reasons for using HylaFAX is for the ability to submit faxes from any networked computer, in Hylafax ftp send fax order, and in any quantity.

HylaFAX will work away at, but you do fwx to change the permissions on the received faxes. Hylafax, send a fax from the command line Wednesday, Fac May 2009 00:00 Andrea Benini In these days I'm stressing hylafax a lot.

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