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. Best Answer: Equation: 2KClO3 Dslta 3O2 From this equation : 2mol KClO3 will produce 3mol O2 You want Dflta produce 0.5mol O2 Mol KClO3 required 2/30. Calculate Cor G at 298 K for the following reactions. Cas CO2g 1/2O2g - CaCO3s 2KClO3g - 2KCls Delta g for 2kclo3 3O2g CH4g 3Cl2g - CHCl3g 3HClg. Answer to For the reaction 2KClO3s - 2KCls 3O2g delta H -91.0 kJ a Delta g for 2kclo3 is delta h for the reaction-.

Calculate K at 298 K for the following reactions Use data in appendix C to calculate delta H, delta S, and delta G at 298 k for each of the following. How to calculate delta H, delta S, delta G and Kp for the following reaction? I need some help in this question: Reaction 25C C2H4 g.

2KClO3s - 2KCls 3O2g? How many L of O2 gas at STP are formed when 15.0 g of KClO3 reacts? A 15.0 g / 122.55 g/mol 0.1224 moles KClO3.

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